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La TechLaChanging young Latinas’ lives with a few keystrokes

It’s simple, our girls love tech and mobile phones. And we all know that devices like mobile phones are not just toys. They can be powerful tools that can help ensure them a bright future. La TechLa sets out to teach 1,000 girls and engage their parents on how and why tech skills matter for our futures.

Our goal is $5,000 in 20 days. You can help us by donating today.

Please support our 10 city international roll-out of this powerful campaign as we bring tech to nuestras niñas in the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

We need the community step up and support our niñas.

$5,000 will help us go to 2 cities to accomplish a small, but much needed, portion of our work.


We are going to teach 1,000 Latina youth in the following 10 cities:

● San Jose, CA

● San Francisco, CA

● Palo Alto, CA

● Los Angeles, CA

● Miami, FL

● Chicago, IL

● Kansas City, MO

● New York, NY

● San Juan, Puerto Rico

● Guadalajara, México

● Austin, TX

● Houston, TX

● Dallas, TX

● San Antonio, TX



About this powerful partnership:

There is a lack of representation of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). More importantly, there is a lack of programs introducing coding skills to girls from communities of color. Black Girls CODE and the Latino Startup Alliance are teaming up to empower young girls of color, by introducing them to coding and the transformative power of tech. Additionally, we are educating girls’ families on how to help support their girls through STEM education. By combining the power of both organizations, we are developing and building social and economic stability in our communities, by investing in our girls.


About Black Girls CODE:

Black Girls CODE is devoted to showing the world that Black girls can code, and do so much more. By offering technology education to communities of color through workshops, hackathons and after-school programs, BGC introduces computer programming and technology to girls from underrepresented communities in technology areas such as web design, robotics, gaming, mobile app development and more.


About Latino Startup Alliance:

Latino Startup Alliance provides technical understanding, entrepreneurial training, and thought leadership. We have a global reach and focus on increasing the participation of Latino founders in the tech ecosystem.

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